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October 31st.  I left for Florida on Wednesday and Lucky and I drove to Dalton, GA.. got up Thursday and he and I made it to Lauderdale around 9pm last night.  Car wash, grocery and liquor store and now I'm hiding in the back of our tiny house here in Victory Park trying to avoid  notice for any trick or treater, how sad is that?
It's officially Fall at the Dunes.  Euchre and Pot Luck on Thursday, Karaoke on Friday, Music Videos on Saturday and Bingo on Sunday.  Monday we go to "winter" hours.. Mon - Thurs 2-10p, F&S 9a-2a and Sunday 9a-10p.  Can't believe how quick April - October went.  It's a reminder how quick life goes by - as I sit in the dark and hide in the back room (should rethink that, right?).  We really should get up everyday and do as much as we can before we go back to bed in the PM..  one day your 30 and then all of sudden your almost 50.. and I'm thinking that maybe I spent too many nights staying in and readying books.
Danny and Greg…

Pity Party

I'm not even going to be here during most of the bad weather and I'm already having winter blues!  How fcked up is that?  How can someone who has a blessed life.. about to head to FL for 6 weeks be having a pity party?  If I think about it, I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes I think we can all have a pity party of some sort.  Don't know why I'm blue other than the fact that sometimes, life is a royal pain in the ass, no matter who you, what you do or where you came from.  Sometimes it's just not easy.. and personally I think that a little pity party can make a difference.  Makes you realize how fortunate you are and how silly you are to boo hoo.  If you don't boo hoo every now and then, how do you appreciate how lucky you are?

In the old days, prior to the Dunes, when I was a little blue I just went all Greta Garbo and hid from people for a few days.  No need for the public to see you that way!  A true star never leaves the house unless they are perfectly &…

What a hello!

I think the first thing I said to Danny when I met him was something like:
Friend Tom:  Mike, this is Danny, he has the place we're staying in Saugatuck over the 4th!
Mike:  There better be fucking furniture in that place when we get there.
Or something like that.. and I forgot to mention I was painted in Gold.
Long story.... 

A few years later... Mike (Me) had a great job in Chicago working for a NY based publishing company out of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  Greg had a great job in GR working for a Bank, and Danny had a great job working in GR for the County Government.  Greg had just transferred to Chicago with this bank to work in their Merchandise Mart branch, Danny was looking for a job in Chicago but still living in MI.  I came up to Saugatuck on a weekend in September to help them store some stuff from their cottage that they had recently sold.  We were staying at the Tin Cricket (same property as mentioned in first paragraph).. had spent the day moving stuff and we …

NO & $

3 people have called today to ask if we've bought the Kalico (the "country kitchen" across the street)... the answer continues to be NO.  We've endured lots of rumors over the years, selling the Dunes, turning the Dunes into a retirement village, breaking up, breaking up, and then breaking up.. some rumors have us all broke up and already with new romances and all 6 living under the same roof (sounds complicated).. but this rumor that we've bought the Kalico seems to have it's own energy source.  NO we did not, nor do we plan on buying the Kalico Kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a family member ask for $$ recently.  Is that not one of the absolutely worst positions to be put in?  Because what is the answer.  Its' not like your mom or dad needs money.. it's family.  If yes, what is your limit?  If no, are you just being a jerk? I also assume that when you loan anyone money, you are giving them money.. don't hold your breath that you'll ever get it bac…

Missed a Day

Less than a week and I already missed a blog day!

Still wearing shorts!  I have this mind set that I can't move to long pants until after October 31.  I'm not sure if that is because by November 1 I will be in Florida, or I'm just stupid and trying to get a cold.  Today's high temp is about 54.. but I think I saw 69 by Monday.  Greg is frantic getting ready for the Annual Scavenger Hunt this Friday as part of our Halloweenie Weekend.  The event starts Friday at 7pm and for the first time, it will take place only on the Dunes property.  Good news to some who have driven in ditches in years past trying to win.  The Hunt will take about an hour and will include food at the end.. plus since you're not driving you can drink more!

Saturday night is the annual Downtown Douglas Adult Parade.. around 10pm.. it is a huge event and brings out a couple thousand people.  The Dunes has the "official" after parade party.. with a costume contest outiside with Karaoke in …

A little Crazy

The Kalico Kitchen is a restaurant across the street.  It's been there for basically as long as the Dunes has been here.  They've had their problems over the years -- but once they went on "Restaurant Impossible" they were headed for disaster.  They went OOB in late 2013.  And since we are across the street (I guess that's why) people are non stop about us buying it.  I had an argument with someone over the summer who wanted to know why I was lying and not admitting that we had bought it - really!  Just for fun we did look at.  Parked all three cars right in front with the realtors (even though it's directly in front of the Dunes).  The phones were ringing before we even got through.  It's fun to mess with the locals every now and then -- like making a comment just loud enough about selling the Dunes.. and waiting to see how long it takes to get headline status that the boys are selling!

Life in a small town.  Mostly Great, but...

The Make a Wish benefit …

Oct 22, Burr..

Last night's Make A Wish Benefit Show was a hit.  Totals aren't in yet, but I think we raised between $6,000 - $7,000 -- should be enough to grant one wish.  It's funny with the silent auction.. over 100 items (our community is amazing)... most people realize we are raising money for charity, some though think of it as a garage sale.. I want something as cheap as possible.. over bidding people by a $1.. it's funny at the end of the night when you look at ta couple of the bid sheets:  $10.00, $20.00... $$22.00, $23.00, $25.00, $26.00 -- for a Restaurant Gift card worth $50! An OH MY! Moment.

Today is Bingo, and 1/2 of the money raised goes to West Shore Aware, the 1/2 half goes to the winner of each game.  It has proved to be a great weekly fund raiser for aware.

It's beginning to get quiet here.  Last Monday I wanted to take some friends to dinner.. and it's freaky how many places are closed during the week.  I totally get it, and I know people complain.  But t…

How to Begin?

I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way, but Blogging scares me.  I'm so worried about trying to be Wittie, cleaver or funny that I have avoided it all cost.  So, I'm gonna give it a whirl, cause I know some people might want to know, what's happening at the Dunes and in Saugatuck and Douglas, right?

Today is Saturday October 18 and we are having our Annual Make a Wish Benefit Show and silent auction.  I can't tell you how hard Danny, Richard, Henry/Kelly (Upscale Mercantile, Douglas) and Greg Muncie (Del Sol, Saugatuck) have worked to pull this event together.  They've lined up over 100 items for tonight's silent auction.  We have an amazing community who always gives whenever asked for this great event!  And the Make A Wish Foundation tries to keep the money we raise as local as possible.  Adam Johnson (Sydney Chablis) will host the show and she does an amazing job  getting the girls to participate -- for FREE!

Tomorrow is the return of Bingo, hosted b…