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2017 OH MY!

I swear yesterday we were celebrating the New Year.  WTF?

Cheers and Happy New Year.  He we are in mid-February and I know that the "season" will be upon us sooner than I want.  Don't get me wrong, I hate winter and I love season.. I'm just not feeling like I am anywhere close to being on schedule.

What is happening with us.  We got new carpet in the original building building (18 standard rooms and 4 king rooms).  We are getting new furniture in the king building (12 king rooms and 2 king suites).  New carpet is planned for the main bar in late March.  All the normal Spring cleaning, touch-ups, replacements, etc. that happen every year.. and though we had hoped to kick off this Cabaret season with phase 1 of a 2 phase complete remodel.. timing issues are in place and it looks like we will do phases 1 and 2 beginning in November for the Ppring 2018 season.

As many of you, Tarron Marrott, our long time front door personality, frequent pool security and Dunes Room Den…