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Into June

It was a long winter, but summer seems to be rushing by quickly!  Not sure the weather is the best it could be, but when you're at the Dunes we treat everyday like it is the most beautiful of days, sunny, warm and full of fun!  "It's always sunny in Saugatuck!"

Have you been in and met the 2015 summer staff?
Returning this year:
Jeff, Todd, Jackson, Aaron, Mikey, Tyler, DW, Dan, Robbie and Keller.  New to us this year are Dino and Nick!  Plus newbie food runner Trevor (he does tricks BTW).  Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself.

Whats on schedule at the Dunes Resort:

The Dunes is open 9am - 2am everyday!

The Dunes Pool and Bar (Splash) is also open everyday.  The Pool opens at 10am and the Bar 11am - 7pm with the pool closing at dusk.

Mondays are employee day at the Pool, meaning $1 off drinks and 20% off Food.

Karaoke continues every Thursday night 9pm

Uniform Weekend Friday June 12 DJ Doug
Men of Manwatch
Saturday June 13 Officers Ball w/DJ Doug
Cabaret: Kelly &…