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What's new at the Dunes Resort

Hard to believe that today is July 16th. Yesterday was Memorial Day, I'm sure of it.  July 4th came and went and I'm afraid that tomorrow will be Labor Day.  This summer more than ever has FLOWN by so fast.  So fast that I'm not sure any of us are really into the summer groove yet.  About the time we get it down it will be time to plan costumes for Halloween.

The weather has super.  Despite some not so good forecast, we've had an amazing first 1/2 of summer.  Hot and dry, make for some great pool days!

Memorial Day, if I remember.. was great.  I do remember the weather was good as where the crowds.

July 4th weekend we had our busiest day ever on Sunday July 3rd..  and wow what a weekend.

The Employee Turnabout Show on Thursday July 7th we raised $3000 for Wishbone Pet Rescue, Eastern Michigan's Equality Resource Center and Equality Florida's Orlando Shooting's Fund.

We've started up our weekly Wednesday Pool Cooks (5:30-7) and Bingo (6-8p) benefiting We…