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What's happening at the Dunes Resort in December?
Don't forget to join your Dunes Family for Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Bring a dish, or just show up, lots of free food beginning at 6pm (Thursday 11/27) -- followed by a little Euchre (we are in Michigan after all)!

DJ Doug R is back on Saturday November 29 spinning in the main bar!

Karaoke continues every Friday @ 9pm!

Bingo continues every Sunday 4-7pm benefiting West Shore Aware!

$1 off Drinks Every Monday - Thursday (except 12/31 & 01/01).

Euchre/Pot Luck continues every Thursday 6pm.

Toys For Kids Benefit Show Saturday December 6th.  Bring an unwrapped toy (and your $$) and all this good stuff will be donated to the Christian Neighbors Toy Drive!

Ring in the New Year at the Dunes Resort!  December 31st is right around the corner so book now!  Or, just come on out and play!  DJ Doug is spinning in the main bar, with the Dunes Divas (hosted by Sydney Chablis) in the Cabaret.  Midnight will bring a  count down, balloon d…


Technology is crazy!  I bought one of those Jawbone UP bracelets.  And then it syncs with an app called My Fitness Pal.  You leave the UP bracelet on all day (except in the shower) and it keeps track of your movements as well as your sleep patterns.  The goal is 10,000 steps a day and it keeps track and texts you when you've sat too long, or you are really moving - constantly giving you up dates.  The Fitness Pal app lets you scan bar codes of food, or manually enter.  You pre-program if you want to loose, gain or maintain weight... it tells you how many calories you need.  If you enter everything you consume in the day, along with how much activity your getting on UP.. it tells you how you did for the day.  It also monitors your sleeping. You tell it you are going to bed, it records how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you are in deep sleep, how long you are in light sleep, how many times you woke up.  You tell it when you are awake and getting out of bed.  Technology is…

I guess I'm just not friendly?

As a child of the 70's and 80's, this is a fun Edit!

In Defense of A Sexy Halloween

After spending 10/31 hiding from the youngsters looking for candy, I decided to go be seen last night.. so I took a shower, put on my Florida finest (which isn't saying much) and headed for an early dinner.. planning on sitting at the restaurant's bar, having a nice dinner, couple glasses of wine and enjoying a couple pages of a book.  I have no issues doing things by myself - however since it was a Saturday and I didn't have lunch I decided to go early 5:30p.

The bar had seats on three sides and I found one available on a corner.  An older gay couple on the left side (both enjoying a big martini) and a straight couple on the right (4 1/2 empty margaritas in front of them).  It quickly became obvious that the straights might have been a little over served, as the man kept repeating the same story/point over and over and over.  I heard the F word at least 50 times in the first 8 minut…