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Christmas In July

Over the weekend at The Dunes Resort, we celebrated Christmas in July, one of our most anticipated weekends of the year.  Christmas in July 2017 was our best ever.  This festive weekend brings a devout group of regulars, as well as many first time guests. We at The Dunes have been lucky to see the same faces over the course of decades.  We hear time and time again from guests’ visiting Saugatuck-Douglas that their best experiences come from meeting new people from all over the country.
The weekend kicked off on Friday with acclaimed resident DJ, Doug Roberts, as he lit up the dance floor and world class cabaret performers,  Kelly and Rick, bringing down the house in the cabaret.  The Dunes provides a powerhouse of talent, and this weekend they delivered one hell of a show after another. The positive energy that our guests created has carried well into this week.  This is a party that just doesn’t want to stop.

Saturday morning at the pool was an experience not to be missed.
Beautiful men,…

2017 OH MY!

I swear yesterday we were celebrating the New Year.  WTF?

Cheers and Happy New Year.  He we are in mid-February and I know that the "season" will be upon us sooner than I want.  Don't get me wrong, I hate winter and I love season.. I'm just not feeling like I am anywhere close to being on schedule.

What is happening with us.  We got new carpet in the original building building (18 standard rooms and 4 king rooms).  We are getting new furniture in the king building (12 king rooms and 2 king suites).  New carpet is planned for the main bar in late March.  All the normal Spring cleaning, touch-ups, replacements, etc. that happen every year.. and though we had hoped to kick off this Cabaret season with phase 1 of a 2 phase complete remodel.. timing issues are in place and it looks like we will do phases 1 and 2 beginning in November for the Ppring 2018 season.

As many of you, Tarron Marrott, our long time front door personality, frequent pool security and Dunes Room Den…