2017 OH MY!

I swear yesterday we were celebrating the New Year.  WTF?

Cheers and Happy New Year.  He we are in mid-February and I know that the "season" will be upon us sooner than I want.  Don't get me wrong, I hate winter and I love season.. I'm just not feeling like I am anywhere close to being on schedule.

What is happening with us.  We got new carpet in the original building building (18 standard rooms and 4 king rooms).  We are getting new furniture in the king building (12 king rooms and 2 king suites).  New carpet is planned for the main bar in late March.  All the normal Spring cleaning, touch-ups, replacements, etc. that happen every year.. and though we had hoped to kick off this Cabaret season with phase 1 of a 2 phase complete remodel.. timing issues are in place and it looks like we will do phases 1 and 2 beginning in November for the Ppring 2018 season.

As many of you, Tarron Marrott, our long time front door personality, frequent pool security and Dunes Room Den Mother passed away in November.  It was sudden and left all of us shocked.  We will be having a Celebration of her life on Saturday April 8th from 3-5pm and we are planning a party fit for a Queen so we hope you can make it!!

We are also in the "we need summer help" phase, so if you, or someone you know is interested in a summer gig, let us know.  We will be hiring people for the front desk, bartenders, bar backs, door/security, kitchen, food running and housekeepers - yes basically all departments!

I hope to have the full events calendar in place and ready for print by the end of the month.  We are close and it's looking fun!

Already confirmed DJ's:
Resident Doug
Matt Consola
Susan Morabito
Roland Belmares
Joe Gauthreaux
Jalil Z
Ralphi Rosario
Barry Harris
Phil B
Tony Moran

Confirmed in the Cabaret:
Amy & Freddy
Kelly & Rick
Hannaniah Whitley
Miss Conception
The Ruby Girls
The Dunes Divas
Branden & James (new from seeing in PV)
Sutten Lee Seymour (new from seeing in PV)

Whats coming up:
Euchre and Pot Luck continues every Thursday 6pm (till 3/30)
Bobbi on the Piano, Fridays 5-7p
Karaoke every Friday 9p (moves to Thursday 5/4)
Bingo on Sundays (till 4/30)

Men of Manwatch Saturday 3/11

Buns & Basket/MML Pre-IML Benefit with DJ Doug Saturday 3/18

Dunes Divas Show Saturday 3/15 (featuring from Season 8 RuPaul Drag Race - Naysha Lopez)

Ladies Night Out Saturday 4/1

TG Prom (King & Queen) Saturday 4/8

Mr. Dunes Leather Contest Saturday 4/18

Spring Furr Fest 4/21-4/23

36th Dunes Anniversary Masquerade Ball Saturday April 29

Okay my friends, that's all I know for now.. more soon!
Mike @ The Dunes Resort


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