Memorial Weekend and beyond

Hard to believe that Memorial Day is upon us.. so excited to see 80 degrees on the horizon for the weekend!!  We'll kick off the weekend with Birthday-Stripper-o-ke on Thursday 5/26 (Celebrating Greg T and Richard B's birthdays).. 9p with Karaoke DJ Noe!

Friday 5/27 DJ Doug, Men of Manwatch, Dunes Diva's Drag Show in the Cabaret
Saturday 5/28 Pool Party with DJ Doug, Special Guest PM DJ Phil B, Kelly & Rick in the Cabaret
Sunday 5/29 Early Tea with DJ Doug 4-7, Main Tea with Special Guest DJ Drew G (Dirty Pop) - Men of Manwatch at Tea, Hannaniah Whitley in the Cabaret
Monday 5/30 Memorial Day Tea with DJ Doug 4-9p

Wow what a weekend we have planned with Mimi Gonzalez as she presents GoGirl Saugatuck.  
June 3-5 -- check out GoGirlSaugatuck for more details.

Dirty Disco weekend June 10 - 12
DJ Doug, Men of Manwatch, Dunes Divas and Disco Tea! 

Be prepared for the first ever Men's Room Event at the Dunes.  This celebrated and over the top event rocks Chicago on a regular basis.. and they are doing the Dunes on June 18th
Friday 6/27 DJ Doug & the Men of Manwatch
Saturday 6/28 Men's Room Event at the Pool, at the Main Bar (and Cabaret) in the PM and then a special afterhours out back.. rocking till 6a.
Sunday 6/29 Men's Room Tea 4-10p
For more information check out Men's Room!

Proud Weekend June 24 - 16
DJ Doug, Men of Manwatch, Kelly Carey & Rick SantaMaria, Pride Tea 

The the weekend of all weekends.. the biggest event at the Dunes Resort in 2016
Red White on Blue Star -- 4th of July Weekend.
DJ Seth Cooper - Friday
DJ Tristan Jaxx - Saturday Pool
DJ Eddie Martinez - Saturday PM
DJ Grind - Sunday
DJ Tony Moran - Monday
DJ Doug Roberts - Tuesday

Porn at the Pool on Saturday 7/2 (porn stars -- Billy Santoro & Wesley Woods)
Tea Dances on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Live Entertainment by:  Amy Armstrong & Freddy Allen, Hannaniah Whitley and the Dunes Divas

 So much more to come...

From all of us at the Dunes, we can't wait to see you this summer....


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